welcome to Massage Palace

Massage Palace An oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation high above Stamford CT we offer a blend of treatments as inspiring as the city itself.

Quality service

Respect for the individual forms the foundation of our spa experience.

Comfortable Environment

Inspired by ancient traditions and personalized to your needs, our therapies are designed to bring balance and equilibrium to mind, body and soul.


About Massage Palace

Massage Palace is a massage store with ancient china theme. Our store opened at 2017. Our shop has a lot of high-class massage masters. Our massage master knows all kinds of massage, such as foot massage,body massage, hot stone, chair massage.


Thank you to every customer for your support throughout the five years our business has been opened. We have maintained the same price since and are very happy to serve you. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic our expenses have doubled and prices had raised insanely high. On top of that, employee salaries have soared causing a difficulty to hire employees. Therefore, we have decided to raise our prices. Please accept our apology to this inconvenience and thank you so much for your understanding and help!